Wholesale Artificial Grass for Hotels

Rooftop Patio

Enhance your rooftop patio with beautiful lasting artificial turf.

Save Money

With virtually zero maintenance cost, artificial turf can be a great investment over time.

Improve your yard

Earn the respect from your neighbors with beautiful grass that lasts all year long.

At Turf Store Express, we supply a variety of wholesale artificial grass products for hotels in communities across Orange County, California. Hotels, like nearly any other type of property, require inviting and durable surfaces for people to enjoy. Sadly, many surfaces like traditional grass are not up for the task. Regular grass can be costly, inconsistent, and frail. Thankfully, at Turf Store Express, our factory-direct artificial grass and synthetic turf products are resilient, cost-effective, and beautifully lush and green. They also come in a variety of specialized options to help suit different needs and settings throughout hotel properties.
Artificial g rgass backyard with a gold pot

Benefits of Owning Synthetic Grass

For hotels, motels, resorts, and more in Orange County communities in California, there are several significant benefits when it comes to owning artificial grass surfaces from Turf Store Express. Some of the many benefits include:

Consistent Beauty

Unlike traditional grass, our dependable synthetic grass provides hotels with evergreen beauty. It resists fading and does not grow or wither. As a result, our factory-direct artificial grass provides consistent appeal, which helps make sure your guests always feel welcome on your property. 


Artificial grass is an incredibly low-maintenance and durable material. It requires no trimming or fertilizing to maintain its lush, green appearance, and it also resists various types of wear and tear, including high amounts of foot traffic. In doing so, our synthetic turf products are immensely cost-effective surfaces for hotels.

Conserves Water

Water conservation is a vital concern, especially in Orange County, California. Fortunately, hotels in this area can help save water by switching to our artificial grass. It never needs to be watered, which allows hotels to save money and help conserve one of the state’s most precious resources.

Artificial turf cut around a series of cement squares

Applications for Artificial Turf for Hotels

At Turf Store Express, we offer numerous artificial turf products that suit multiple settings and needs, especially for hotels. Some of our many factory-direct synthetic turf products include:

playground surface

Our quality artificial grass products can be utilized by hotels in Orange County, CA to create various types of green spaces to fulfill their guests’ needs. For example, a pet-friendly hotel can utilize our synthetic pet turf to craft a space for pets to play or relax. This can help attract pet owners to their property. Another example could be a hotel utilizing our artificial grass for roofs, decks, and patios to help make smaller spaces more inviting, such as hotel room balconies or a rooftop bar. With our wholesale synthetic grass products, there are dozens of options for hotels to improve their surfaces!

Exterior lawn with artificial grass and other landscaping

Orange County Hotels Need Quality Surfaces

Hotels in Orange County, CA and anywhere else in the world provide an essential service. They give people a place to stay overnight or for multiple nights – whether they are traveling for business, pleasure, or whatever else. However, it is a highly competitive industry. In order to thrive, most hotels do what they can to make their property as welcoming as possible. 

One of the most effective ways for hotels, motels, resorts, and other properties in the hospitality industry to help ensure that their property is inviting is to install artificial grass. Unlike traditional grass, synthetic grass from Turf Store Express does not fade, turn brown, develop holes or patches, or die off entirely. This helps ensure that your hotel has consistent green spaces year-round – even when subjected to foot traffic as well as wear and tear. With our artificial grass, hotels and other hospitality properties in Orange County, California can have stunning, dependable green lawns or landscaping.

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Wholesale artificial grass and synthetic turf from Turf Store Express provides inviting surfacing for hotels in Orange County, CA. Our artificial turf products offer consistent visual appeal, cost-effectiveness, and water conservation! These considerable benefits and more can be enjoyed when using any one of our specialized synthetic grass products, including our lawns, playground turf, putting greens, and pet turf.  

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