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Pet Friendly

Artificial turf is great for kids and pets.

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Artificial playground turf lowers water usage and maintenance cost.

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A playground with artificial grass will look beautiful all year long.

Playground turf Orange County, CA

When it comes to designing children’s play areas, there are typically two overarching factors to take into consideration: safety and ease of maintenance. Thankfully, this is exactly what you can expect from Turf Store Express’s synthetic playground turf in Orange County, CA. When evaluating whether to install synthetic grass for playgrounds, you want something robust that can afford a high degree of safety in addition to withstanding repetitive use. Today, playground turf can be found in schools, daycares, parks, doctors’ offices, malls, kindergartens, and other areas where children are bound to play and interact.

Playground turf in Orange County, CA is a fantastic option for playground surfacing.

Artificial grass is composed of artificial fibers or yarn that is tailored to look and feel like natural grass but without all of the encumbrances of maintenance. Used on sports fields for decades, synthetic turf has now become a common occurrence in playgrounds all over Southern California. The fibers are strong (polypropylene or polyethylene) and consist of multiple layers that lend to their durability. These additional layers also ensure it provides a soft cushion that absorbs pressure upon impact, making it relatively safer compared to natural grass. Synthetic turf designed for playgrounds is also much more resistant to wear and tear from repetitive use.

slide built on playground grass
Child playing with playground equipment

Let’s examine the benefits accrued from the use of playground turf


When it comes to children’s playgrounds in Orange County, safety is paramount. Playground turf is constructed using multiple layers designed to absorb shock and provide a soft cushion against falls. This makes it much safer for active children and can protect against accidental injury and abrasions much better than natural grass.

Low maintenance

Using synthetic playground grass affords numerous benefits. First, unlike natural grass, it does not require any water to sustain it, and there are no landscaping costs to contend with either. With natural grass, the costs include labor (hiring landscaping workers), tending, pruning, and the application of chemicals to nurture the grass and soil. With playground synthetic turf, these costs are virtually eliminated

High return on investment

While there is an initial investment to be incurred prior to installation, the actual lifetime cost of playground turf is relatively low. On the contrary, after just three to five years, the costs associated with maintaining natural grass and soil wildly exceeded the initial installation price. This makes playground turf the best option for kids’ play areas.

Natural grass also consumes a monumental amount of water in order to maintain its lush texture. This cost can be especially astronomical during hot summer months or during seasons of drought. In this day and age, when water conservation is a hot item in environmental debates, artificial grass is the best and most cost-effective solution.

Additionally, our artificial turf is perfectly suited to backyard putting green installations and front and backyard lawns.

Safer on the environment

Natural grass playgrounds and fields require chemicals and pesticides in order to thrive. These chemicals, many of which are toxic, eventually make their way into the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. The chemicals can also have an adverse impact on ecological systems as a whole.

kids playing soccer on playground grass

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If you operate a school, daycare center, park, doctors’ offices, mall, kindergarten, and other areas where children play, artificial playground turf makes the perfect solution from a safety, economic and environmental perspective. At Turf Store Express, we offer easy installation and hassle-free customer support to answer all your questions and concerns. Over the years, with our exceptional value, knowledge, and attention to detail, our clients in Orange County, California, have come to trust and rely on our synthetic turf products

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