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Low maintenance

Less time and money spent watering the grass leads to more time and money spent for your business.

Save Money

Artificial putting green turf lowers water usage and maintenance cost.

Improve your storefront

Impress your customers with beautiful looking artificial grass all year long.


Commercial artificial grass solutions from Turf Store Express for your Orange County, California business satisfies a whole slew of landscaping issues that a business owner contends with daily. 

Orange County and Southern California businesses and shopfronts as a whole have been contending with astronomical landscaping costs due to hot weather, incessant drought, and subsequent water shortages. Installing artificial grass is the most logical economical solution for most enterprises. 

Turf Store Express has been at the forefront of synthetic turf for commercial entities in Orange County, CA, for decades. Our artificial grass products are a great option for the DIY-er to install an ultra-realistic and worry-free turf that is amazing to look at and extremely low maintenance.

Our customer service and field technicians have also garnered tremendous experience in all aspects of the sale of commercial synthetic turf in Southern California.


Turf Store Express has amassed an incredible amount of experience when it comes to commercial artificial grass in Orange County.

Customer satisfaction, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to excellence undergird every project we undertake. We evaluate every step of the project to ensure it meets the highest quality standards. In addition to being made in the U.S.A., our turf is mechanically bonded to ensure it looks as pristine as possible and is not susceptible to wear and tear, including changes in temperature or weather.

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Businesses can reap monumental benefits from switching to artificial turf.


Switching to artificial turf has had a tremendous cost-saving effect on businesses in Orange County, CA. The turf is extremely low maintenance given it does not need to be trimmed, watered, pruned, seeded, or even treated with costly fertilizers and weed killers/pesticides. Businesses also save money on hiring expensive landscaping labor and equipment.


When it comes to kids and pets, safety and durability are paramount. Turf Store Express’s commercial synthetic lawns are built with pets’ and kids’ safety in mind. Our turf looks and feels just like the real thing, except it’s very resilient and non-toxic. The turf’s materials are also engineered to withstand maximum pressure and absorb shock. In addition to being very durable and resistant to tearing by pet claws, it’s also able to protect children against injuries resulting from falls.

Because the turf drains quickly after it rains, there are no messy mud puddles to deal with. Kids don’t have to worry about mud, and pet owners don’t have to deal with muddy paw prints all over the house.

Our artificial turf is very well suited to putting greens for residential backyards and commercial golf facilities.


Turf Store Express’s commercial artificial grass is eco-friendly. Unlike natural grass, there is no need for chemicals like fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides. These chemicals have been cited for environmental degradation since they negatively impact the soil, plant life, water, and food systems. Natural grass lawns can also consume inordinate amounts of water. In Orange County, water conservation is a top priority, and businesses are looking for creative ways to minimize overall usage. Synthetic turf does not require water offering a side benefit of water conservation as well as lowering your water bill every month.

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Artificial turf has numerous benefits for businesses and other commercial entities in Orange County, CA. It’s low maintenance, safe, and environmentally friendly. Due to incessant droughts and the attendant water shortages, transitioning to artificial turf is the best remedy for businesses in Orange County. 

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