Artificial Turf For Roof, Deck & Patio

Rooftop Patio

Enhance your rooftop patio with beautiful lasting artificial turf.

Save Money

With virtually zero maintenance cost, artificial turf can be a great investment over time.

Improve your yard

Earn the respect from your neighbors with beautiful grass that lasts all year long.

Exterior of house with artificial turf and palm trees

Our artificial turf is the perfect addition to your Orange Country, CA roof, deck & patio

Getting artificial turf for a patio, deck, or roof is an excellent way of enhancing your Orange County, California surroundings. It not only accentuates the aesthetics, and is low maintenance, it creates a superb environment for friends and family to interact. Or if you are looking to maximize the space at your business by installing a lush artificial grass lawn on your patio, deck space, or a roof with a green space for you, your employees, and clients to enjoy. We can even install a putting green for you. Getting synthetic turf has many additional benefits besides the way it looks. Let’s go over those benefits now.

Requires Practically No Maintenance

If you have natural grass on a roof, patio, or deck, it’s no secret that a lot is required in the way of maintenance to maintain its quality and texture. This includes applying pesticides, regularly watering it, and carefully tending to it in general. With the synthetic grass from Turf Store Express, none of this effort is needed. Once it is installed on a roof or patio, it will retain its texture and beauty without requiring any watering or chemical treatment. You won’t need to concern yourself with trimming the grass either, as it will always be the same length.

Saves You Money & Time

Keeping normal grass on your deck and patio looking its best can mean a considerable time and money investment. You’ll need to monitor it regularly for any potential problems, like brown patches or dead or dying spots occurring. With our synthetic turf, though, once it is installed, you can almost forget about it. Because it is built to last for many years and isn’t susceptible to bugs or diseases, it won’t ever get any brown patches or become worn down looking. This means you won’t have to spend your valuable time and money on taking care of it, such as by doing things including watering it, mowing it, treating it with chemicals, and more.

Discourages Insects From Living On It

There’s nothing worse than trying to relax on your patio, roof, or deck when a bunch of insects such as fleas come flying in your face to bother you. The thing is, insects like to be near regular grass, as it is their regular habitat which they prefer. With artificial grass for your roof or patio, however, that preferred environment is no longer there for them. This means these pesky insects are much less likely to be around to bother you while you are trying to enjoy yourself.

Never Needs To Be Treated With Chemicals

Yet another great feature of our artificial turf for decks and patios is that it never needs any sort of chemical treatment. This means no herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. Not only does this save you from some hassle, but it can also mean a safer environment. You probably don’t want to be sitting on your roof of artificial grass right after you just sprayed it with powerful chemicals. With our turf, chemicals are simply never needed.

Exterior lawn with artificial grass and other landscaping

Why Turf Store Express?

At Turf Store Express, all of our artificial turf for decks, roofs, and patios is entirely 100% American made, with none of it being outsourced. We also sell and install other artificial lawn products for commercial artificial turf, putting greens, and more. Everything is made in our own factory with no outsourcing whatsoever. This means we have much greater control over the quality of our products. Additionally, we have also been in this industry for over 40 years, so we have a vast amount of experience in our field. Finally, our turf products are made factory direct, meaning we sell from the factory to you without any middleman involved. This allows us to provide you with a significant discount.

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If you’re intrigued about all the benefits to be had from our synthetic golf grass, from saving water, to eco-friendliness, to having the convenience to play golf whenever you want, and more, we’d love to discuss your new artificial turf project further with you.

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