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At Turf Store Express, we offer competitively priced, factory-direct artificial grass and synthetic turf products for daycares in Orange County, California. Like other commercial properties, daycares have particular surfacing needs.

Since these facilities typically care for young children, they often require surfaces that are safer, more durable, easy to clean, and non-toxic while still having visual appeal. Thankfully, these surfacing needs can be addressed by the benefits artificial grass and playground turf from Turf Store Express possess.

Metal slide placed on artificial grass

Benefits of Artificial Turf for Daycares

Our artificial turf and synthetic playground grass for daycares were crafted by us to address specific needs, especially for homes and businesses in Southern California. Daycares, in particular, are among those who can benefit from using our turf products in their childcare facilities. Some of the benefits that make this possible include: 

Safer Surfacing

Safety is almost always a top concern for daycares and daycare workers. These facilities are entrusted with children, which can be some of the boldest and, in some cases, the most fragile members of our society. Thankfully, our artificial grass is soft and inviting, making it an ideal surface for young children. 

Yet, for an even safer surface, daycares need our synthetic playground turf. This highly specialized turf helps keep children safer than many other kinds of surfaces and turfs because it is crafted with extra padding in its backing. This padding helps absorb a variety of impacts, including the pitter-patter of running feet, jumping, tumbling, and even accidental falls. As a result, our artificial playground grass can help keep kids safer during indoor or outdoor playtime – depending on where it is installed.

Cleaner Surfacing

Another top concern for daycares and parents looking for daycares in Orange County, California is cleanliness. Unclean surfaces can be potentially hazardous to children, daycare workers, and even the children’s parents – if they bring sickness-inducing bacteria home with them. Most daycares address this need by utilizing surfacing that is easy to clean. Fortunately, our artificial grass and playground turf products are both quick-draining, which makes them easy to clean with mild soap and water without having to worry about flooding or puddles. 

Child playing with playground equipment

Durable Turf

Children, especially young children, can be significant factors for wear and tear on surfaces. Many surfaces, like natural grass or even foam mats, can quickly fall apart under the pressure children unintentionally put them under. However, this does not need to be the case for your Southern California daycare. With artificial turf or playground grass from Turf Store Express, you can have incredibly durable surfaces that hold up well under various kinds of wear and tear, including foot traffic, play, and even the weather.

Low Maintenance

Daycare facilities that do install living grass in their outdoor play areas may quickly discover how demanding it is. In order to keep living grass looking and feeling its best, it requires constant watering, trimming with a lawn mower or other device, and so much more. Depending on the size of the lawn, it can take hours every week to accomplish these tasks. It can also be incredibly costly! Thankfully, our artificial grass and playground grass are exceptionally low maintenance. They do not require trimming or watering. Instead, all our surfaces need is a routine cleaning.

Allergen-Free Grass

Some daycares in Orange County, CA will avoid equipping their outdoor play areas with living grass due to children having grass allergies. Yet, in today’s world, the look and feel of natural grass can be enjoyed without fear of grass allergens thanks to synthetic grass. At Turf Store Express, our artificial grass never produces grass allergens, and with consistent cleanings, it is less likely to house any that may float over from nearby natural lawns. This helps make our synthetic grass and playground grass an allergen-free solution for daycares.

Visually Appealing 

At Turf Store Express, the benefits of our artificial grass and playground turf for daycares make it safer, cleaner, and more durable than many common surfaces. Fortunately, even with these remarkable benefits, our turf does not sacrifice visual appeal. Our artificial turf products look and feel like traditional grass, making them a lush, green, and inviting addition to any daycare in Orange County, CA. 

kids playing soccer on playground grass

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Artificial grass and synthetic playground turf from Turf Store Express is an exceptional choice for surfacing for daycares in Orange County, CA. This is largely the result of its many benefits! Our turf products are safer, cleaner, more durable, low maintenance, and visually appealing, especially for daycares. So contact us today to learn more or get a quote!

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