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If you are looking to provide a safe haven for your beloved pet in Orange County, CA – installing artificial pet turf and dog turf at your home or business can be an excellent decision for several reasons.


Turf Now has developed a proven track record as a no-nonsense manufacturer and retailer of artificial grass in Southern California.

Pet Safety

Artificial grass has numerous benefits, including providing a safe and durable turf for your beloved pets.

Easier cleanup

Besides its obvious beauty, it provides many other additional benefits.

Benefits Of Synthetic Dog Turf & Pet Grass

Our synthetic grass comes with a myriad of benefits. Our customers in Orange County, California have reported a high return-on-investment after installing our products, whether it’s for putting greens or residential lawns. Let’s review the benefits:

Equipped With Quick Draining Technology

Although the ability for artificial pet grass to drain fast may not seem like a huge deal at first glance, it is, in fact, a major benefit. The issue with regular pet grass is that it can be left completely drenched with puddles everywhere after stormy weather. This pretty much makes the grass unusable by your dog until it dries and the puddles go away—that is, unless you want your dog to suddenly come running into your house with muddy paws and water-soaked fur! With fast-draining synthetic pet turf, this allows your pet’s play area to be usable much more quickly. Pets can now resume their outdoor time without getting dirty. And this quick-drainage feature also allows for pet urine to drain away quickly, eliminating odor build-up. And our lawn stays green without becoming discolored over time.

Requires Virtually No Maintenance From You

Natural grass can demand considerable attention from you. This includes a consistent watering schedule, a paid gardener, and the use of chemical treatment. With artificial pet grass, once you have it installed, it requires almost no attention from you. Because it is built for durability and to be resistant to wear-and-tear, it will have its look and peak performance for many years.

Never Requires Any Chemical Treatment

You never have to worry about chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides with synthetic pet turf. This means that both you and your pets won’t be exposed to chemicals that could cause harm. And on top of that risk being removed, the local environment will also be less exposed to chemical runoff. 

Saves You Money & Time

With regular pet grass, a surprising amount of your time and money can go into keeping it in peak condition. You’ll likely need to buy chemicals to treat it, water it regularly, mow it, and watch over it for issues like unhealthy patches from appearing. When it comes to synthetic pet grass, though, none of this is necessary. So, you’ll be able to spend your time and money on things that matter more to you, such as playing and relaxing with your pet.

Helps Keep Unpleasant Insects & Pests Away

Insects such as fleas prefer regular grass, as it is an environment they are familiar and comfortable with. Synthetic dog grass, being artificial, isn’t an environment they are accustomed to. Because of this, harmful insects like ticks and fleas tend to stay away. The upshot of this is that your dog will be much less likely to encounter these insects—this will also lessen your exposure risk.

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Why Go With TurfStore Express?

At TurfStore Express, we’ve been in the artificial grass industry for over 40 years and have vast amounts of knowledge and experience in the industry. And besides our level of expertise, we also produce all of our products within our own factory. By doing this, we ensure our artificial grass solution’s quality. Because we don’t outsource anything, we can ensure that everything we make it up to the highest standards for quality. Finally, we can sell directly to you at a substantial discount because our products are made factory direct.

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In addition to a new artificial pet grass play area; don’t forget that we can also help you install a custom artificial grass solution for your home or office to include everything from putting greens to roof, deck or patio turf and more. We also offer artificial grass lawns for commercial applications. So, if you run a doggy day-care or pet grooming business in Orange County, California and you want a pet friendly space that can hold up to all shapes and sizes of dogs while being pounced on all day, every day ask us about our commercial pet grass and dog grass solutions.

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