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At Turf Store Express, we provide commercial properties in Orange County, California and its many communities with factory-direct artificial playground turf. If your business or property is family-friendly, you likely have a playground or some area for children to play and enjoy. However, as a business, you need a surface for this area that is highly durable, easy to clean, and as safe as possible. Thankfully, at Turf Store Express, our synthetic playground turf adheres to these requirements and provides so much more, making it ideal for your commercial property.
kids playing soccer on playground grass

Benefits of Artificial Turf for Commercial Playgrounds


Commercial playgrounds can often be somewhat chaotic spaces that see dozens to hundreds of children come and go each day. Over time, this amount of playing children as well as their parents and the playground equipment can wear a surface down. In many cases, replacing or repairing playground surfaces can be incredibly costly. So it is best to utilize a highly durable surface, such as our artificial playground turf. 

Our synthetic playground grass resists everyday wear and tear as well as high amounts of foot traffic and even the weather – if it is equipped outdoors. This makes it an ideal surface for commercial playgrounds because it can last without fail for years. 

Easy to Clean

Yet, durability is not the only requirement most commercial playgrounds will have. These spaces also need to be easy to clean to help prevent the spread of germs and potentially harmful bacteria. 

Fortunately, our artificial playground grass is easy to clean! This is thanks to its quick-draining technology, so cleaning is as easy as spraying the turf down with some water and nonabrasive soap, which helps eliminate germs and other microbes. As a result, children, their parents, and employees of your business are safer from bacteria and other microorganisms.  

Extra Cushioning 

On any playground – whether commercial or residential – safety is a high priority. This fact is especially true for commercial businesses that can have dozens of children running around their playground at once. Thankfully, our artificial playground turf can help keep children safer with its extra cushioning! 

Playtime is often full of running, jumping, skipping, tumbling, and more. Each of these activities requires a soft, supportive surface in order to help prevent injury. Our synthetic playground turf for commercial properties delivers on this because it has extra padding embedded in its backing. This padding helps absorb impacts with the turf surface, which ultimately helps keep children safer while playing.

Child playing with playground equipment

Applications for Commercial Playground Grass

At Turf Store Express, our factory-direct, advantageous playground turf is a remarkable addition to nearly any commercial property in Orange County, CA. Some of the many properties where synthetic playground turf can be a benefit include:

  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Restaurants
  • Malls & shopping centers
  • Churches & other places of worship
  • Gyms
  • And many more!

If your commercial property has a playground or play area, consider making the switch to our fantastic artificial playground turf today!

playground surface
Metal slide placed on artificial grass

Why Choose Turf Store Express for Playground Turf?

At Turf Store Express, we provide residential and commercial properties in the various communities across Orange County, California with quality, factory-direct artificial turf. Our many synthetic grass products are an amazing alternative to natural grass and other surfacing materials. Unlike them, our artificial grass products, including our playground turf, provide home and business owners with a surface that benefits them and is cost-effective over time. With our quality turf, expertise, customer service, and quick shipping, our team can help improve the surfaces on your property!

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Commercial artificial playground turf from Turf Store Express is the surfacing solution businesses in Orange County, CA can count on! Our factory-priced playground turf is more than just aesthetically pleasing; it is also highly durable, easy to clean, and safer for children to enjoy. So contact us at Turf Store Express today to learn more or receive a quote for commercial playground grass!

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