Artificial Playground Turf for Public Parks & Other Municipal Properties in Orange County, CA


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At Turf Store Express, we supply factory-direct artificial playground turf that is ideal for use as surfacing at parks and other municipal properties. Unlike traditional playground surfaces, our synthetic playground grass offers numerous advantages, which can benefit both playing children as well as the municipality itself. Some of these many advantages include enhanced durability, low levels of maintenance, visual appeal, and even added safety features.

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Benefits of Switching to Our Synthetic Playground Turf

For municipalities as well as playground enjoyers, there are a variety of benefits to be experienced by utilizing our factory-direct artificial playground grass, including the following:

Helps Keep Parks Looking Their Best

At Turf Store Express, we provide always green synthetic grass, and our artificial playground turf is no different! Unlike natural grass that is susceptible to weathering, over-watering, under-watering, and more, our synthetic playground grass maintains a lush, green, and perfectly manicured appearance throughout its long life. This helps ensure that your public parks and municipal properties look their best, pleasing your existing community members and potentially helping attract new ones!


Playgrounds on parks and other municipal properties are usually subjected to high levels of wear and tear throughout their lifespan. With children coming and going nearly every day, it is necessary to have a surface that can hold up. Thankfully, the synthetic makeup of our playground turf makes it incredibly durable. As such, our artificial playground turf can resist several types of wear and tear. Some of the many common types of wear and tear it can withstand include high amounts of foot traffic as well as factors from the local Orange County weather.

Low Levels of Upkeep 

Municipalities will most likely appreciate one factor above all others: the low levels of upkeep our playground turf requires. Unlike common playground surfaces like traditional grass, sand, and wood chips, our synthetic playground grass for parks and municipal properties require far less maintenance. It does not grow, become uneven or unlevel, or deplete over time. Instead, it retains an ideal look and feel without a need for watering, trimming, or other types of upkeep. The only thing our playground turf does need is an occasional cleaning, which can easily be accomplished by spraying it with water from a hose.

Safer Surfacing 

Helping keep children safer during playtime is one of the most important things a municipality can do for its community members. Fortunately, this can be accomplished by utilizing synthetic playground turf from Turf Store Express. Our playground turf for public parks is equipped with an added layer of padding. This padding helps absorb impacts, which creates soft surfaces that are less likely to cause surface-related injuries. As a result, our artificial playground grass can help keep children safer while they run, jump, and tumble on it. 

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Parks & Municipal Properties in Orange County, CA

Parks and many other types of municipal properties are places for communities to gather. They provide community members of all ages with a green space to relax, play or practice a sport, walk, and so much more. These incredibly valuable spaces are essential to communities, which is why they need quality surfaces, especially on park playgrounds where some of the youngest and most vulnerable members of a municipality play. Fortunately, at Turf Store Express, our premium quality synthetic playground turf can help enhance playground and play area surfaces, fully optimizing them for everyday use.

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Premium quality playground turf for public parks & other types of municipal properties in Orange County, California is available from us at Turf Store Express. Our team supplies artificial turf, including our playground grass, directly to landscapers, contractors, architects, and even municipalities themselves. By utilizing our artificial playground turf, you can help make your park playgrounds safer, more durable, low maintenance, and beautifully green. Contact us today for more information on our synthetic playground grass or to receive a free turf quote!

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