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We are the manufacturer, for over forty years we have been making turf at our factories located in Dalton Georgia. We use only the highest quality American materials to ensure top level product quality.

You can get amazing below wholesale pricing as we have no middleman!  It’s Factory direct to you!!

Being factory direct, means we are essentially the manufacturer, designer and retailer of our artificial grass, all in one.
This allows us to give you a better deal due to a more streamlined process. It also allows us to have a closer relationship with all of our customers, since feedback goes directly to us. Additionally, considering we control the entire production process of our synthetic turf, you can be assured that we are on top of any customizable demands you may have. Selling factory direct allows us to both give you a better deal and be certain of meeting your needs.

Tustin, California

Fully-stocked warehouse & showroom

We have a full array or synthetic turfs on display in our expansive showroom in Tustin.  A very experienced and knowledgeable team is here to help you select the right synthetic turf for your specific needs.  Whether you’re looking for your house or a product for your gym, roof-top or patio we have them here. Please stop by or call and discuss you needs with our experts and we will be happy to assist you!

Upon entering our showroom, you will appreciate just how realistic our artificial grass products are both visually and to the touch. Once you’re there, our friendly staff will closely listen to what your needs are. Through close listening, they will be able to pick out a product with all of the features that suit you the best. Given the deep product knowledge that our staff possesses, they will be able to field any questions you might have and find proper solutions. Whether you come to our showroom with a either a simple or complex idea in mind for your artificial grass project, we will happily assist you in making your vision into a reality.

Artificial Grass Lawns

There are a wide variety of reasons why people choose our artificial grass for both residential and commercial purposes. One major reason is due to the fact it takes little to no maintenance to keep a perfectly manicured lawn.  While regular grass needs to be constantly maintained, our synthetic turf demands almost no maintenance.  This means no watering, no fertilizing, no weeding, no mowing, no seeding. In other words, you’re saving both time and money by the upkeep demands being so minimal. Finally, our synthetic grass always maintains a pristine look and appears in excellent condition, which is bound to impress anyone who witnesses it, whether they be customers, friends, or family.

Artificial turf cut around a series of cement squares

Pet and Dog Turf

The artificial grass we create is very pet and dog friendly.  In fact, your pet won’t even be able to tell the difference between the feel of regular grass and our fake grass for dogs!  Indeed, our artificial pet turf is non-abrasive, comfortable, and has the same look and feel of a traditional grass lawn you see every day in Orange Country, CA. Furthermore, our artificial pet and dog turf is strong and durable, meaning it will be able to easily handle even the biggest dogs running over it or trying to dig into it.  Our synthetic pet and dog turf is also antimicrobial, odor controlled, and is easy to clean pet stains off.

Labrador sitting on artificial grass and smiling

Putting Greens

Golf is an extremely popular activity throughout Orange County, CA. Artificial putting greens from Turf Store Express provide golfers with many useful features. Given the strength of our golf grass, it is able to resist divots and general wear and tear created from golf club swings. It also has the same look and feel of golf grass that the pros use. In addition to always maintaining its look and beauty and being a breeze to take care of, our golf putting greens also have the ability to quickly drain. This means no giant puddles of rain and mud will be lingering around after stormy weather.

CA Backyard Putting Green

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