Artificial Grass in Laguna Beach, CA

Turf Store Express is a top supplier of wholesale artificial grass in Laguna Beach, CA. Our many factory-direct synthetic turf options provide our customers with a low-maintenance indoor or outdoor surfacing alternative that is highly durable and sensationally beautiful. As a result, our artificial turf offers a more environmentally friendly option for lawns and landscaping in Laguna Beach, CA that matches the undeniable allure of the area.


A new yard using our turf will give you a beautiful year round look.

Pet Friendly

Artificial grass is non-toxic, so it’s safe for all of your pets.

Low Maintenance

Lower your water bill and free up your weekends with an artificial lawn.

Laguna Beach & Grass Surfaces

The Laguna Beach area exudes some of the best qualities California has to offer. It offers an atmosphere that is rich with class and elegance as well as natural beauty. As such, homes, businesses, and other properties in Laguna Beach, CA deserve high-quality surfaces to blend with the overall feel and look of the community. Fortunately, at Turf Store Express, our team offers first-class artificial grass for sale in Laguna Beach, CA.

Artificial turf cut around a series of cement squares

Our Selection of Factory-Direct Synthetic Turf Products

At Turf Store Express, we have several wholesale artificial grass options available for sale in Laguna Beach, CA. These options include:

playground surface

Playground Turf

To help keep playing children safer, our team also sells our specialized synthetic playground turf. Unlike many of our other turf products, our artificial playground grass is equipped with an added layer of padding. This allows it to provide shock absorption, which can help lessen the effects of impacts with it, which helps keep children safer when running, jumping, and more.

Alternate shot of an artificial grass backyard

Roof, Deck, Patio Turf

For smaller spaces on residential and commercial properties, we provide our incredible roof, deck, and patio turf. This artificial grass can help reclaim unused or underutilized spaces, making them far more inviting for property owners and their guests to enjoy. 

Labrador sitting on artificial grass and smiling

Pet Grass

At Turf Store Express, we offer multiple forms of specially engineered synthetic turf, including our artificial pet grass. This unique synthetic grass product provides advantages for pets and their owners. As such, it is remarkably soft for dogs to relax on while still remaining highly durable. It is also designed to drain liquids quickly, which helps make cleaning up pet waste more effortless. 

Artificial Lawns

To help improve residential front and backyards, we offer turf for artificial lawns. This gives homeowners a beautifully and consistently green surface that requires little maintenance. So instead of spending time maintaining their lawn, they can enjoy all the activities and amenities Laguna Beach, CA has to offer.

Residential backyard putting green

Artificial Putting Greens

In many cases, having a unique feature can help attract tenants to your apartment building or complex. In these situations, our artificial putting green turf can help serve as a special yet low-maintenance feature for renters to enjoy. Our beautifully green synthetic golf grass provides an ideal playing surface for golf and other activities as well.

Commercial artificial grass teeline

Synthetic Grass for Commercial Businesses

Commercial properties in the area can also benefit from our synthetic grass products. In fact, we offer commercial artificial grass that is immensely durable and low-maintenance. This helps businesses cut their groundskeeping costs and save money! 

Why Our Artificial Grass is the Superior Alternative

Our factory-direct synthetic grass products make for exceptional lawns, landscapes, and putting greens. This is due to the many advantages our wholesale artificial turf products have to offer property owners as well as anyone enjoying our products. The advantages of switching to our synthetic surfaces include the following:

  • Consistent visual appeal
  • Lush, colorful grass
  • Low maintenance
  • Helps conserve water
  • Eliminates mowing & trimming
  • Highly durable
  • Resists wear & tear
  • Unaffected by local weather conditions
  • Will not be killed off by saltwater
  • No production of grass allergens
  • Inhospitable to insects & rodents
  • Sold factory-direct
  • Competitively priced

Our synthetic turf provides residential, commercial, and other types of properties in Laguna Beach, CA with highly beneficial and beautiful lawns, landscaping, and more that require little upkeep and resist multiple forms of weathering.

Artificial grass patio with a seating area

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