Artificial Turf in Orange, CA

Orange County residents love artificial grass from Turf Store Express because we have a reputation for being the best in the area.


A new yard using our turf will give you a beautiful year round look.

Pet Friendly

Artificial grass is non-toxic, so it’s safe for all of your pets.

Low Maintenance

Lower your water bill and free up your weekends with an artificial lawn.

The warm California sun may be great for surfers and beachcombers, but it’s terrible on your sod lawn. Not a worry though with an artificial grass lawn.

We provide turf by the foot so you savvy do-it-yourselfers can install new pristine artificial lawns and be the star of their neighborhood. When you order artificial grass from Turf Store Express, you get it within 48 hours, which is the fastest shipping in the industry.

Want to see what the turf looks like before you buy it? We have a fully stocked showroom in Tustin, CA, and a full warehouse, so you can see the ones you like, and then we can have them to you fast. You get the best factory prices and can ask our experts questions to make your choice and installation easier.

There’s nothing better than looking at your lush green lawn and knowing that it will stay that way for the rest of its long-lasting lifespan. The draw of artificial turf in Orange County grows by the day. Let’s examine some of the many types of artificial lawns available and the benefits of having them versus a traditional grass lawn.

Benefits of Artificial Grass in Orange, CA

Artificial grass isn’t just a great choice because it looks amazing, it’s a smart choice for the environment as well. Taking care of a traditional sod lawn is a pain. You need to mow it, water it, and often provide chemicals to keep it lush and green. These are a thing of the past with artificial turf.

Water is a hot commodity in Orange County thanks to the water mandates. There’s simply no need to water an artificial lawn and no chemicals either. You avoid the emissions from lawnmowers too. This is great for the environment.

While there’s an upfront cost for the turf, you save money in the long run. There’s no monthly water cost and no expensive, long-term contracts with landscaping companies. Why spend hours on your weekend mowing a lawn when you can enjoy yourself and spend time with your family?

What do you get in exchange for open weekends and no maintenance? You get a lush green lawn that never dulls. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. You get a great looking lawn that is desired by everyone, and you get your full weekends back now that you are not spending it on lawn maintenance.

Artificial turf cut around a series of cement squares

The Many Uses of Artificial Grass

Are you thinking about artificial turf in Orange, California? You’re not the only one as its popularity grows for its many uses; here are just a few:

Artificial Grass for Lawns

We’ve never gotten tired speaking about the many benefits of artificial grass for lawns. You simply have the best quality artificial grass lawn with zero maintenance, from Turf Store Express. It’s great for the environment and gives you the time you need to do the things you want to do.

No more mowing or watering the lawn. It also saves you money in the long run because you’re not dealing with water costs or expensive landscaping contracts. They also look great on a roof, deck or patio.

Artificial Grass for Putting Greens

Have you ever wanted your own putting green in your backyard? Are you tired of traveling from your home to the golf course just to wait for your tee time?

We have PGA quality putting greens ready for you to install in your backyard. While away your days practicing your game. Your friends will be envious of your progress when you do hit the rounds of your favorite golf course.

Commercial Businesses Use Artificial Grass Too

Businesses need to have a great looking green area if they want to impress customers. Do you spend a small fortune trying to keep your greenery lush and colorful, but with limited results?

Artificial grass for commercial businesses eliminates that hassle and provides the best quality lawn that never loses its luster.

Keep Your Kids Safe with Playground Turf

Wood chips and other playground filler don’t protect from falls and other mishaps like synthetic playground turf. It’s created with a special padded layer that cushions if a child falls.

It looks like natural grass, but with added protection. Don’t trust your child’s safety to wood chips or rubber pieces. Keep them safe with playground turf.

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