Artificial Turf in Yorba Linda, CA

If you want a spectacular lawn in Yorba Linda, California, consider Turf Store Express. We are the go-to source for high-quality artificial grass. Its capacity to provide year-round color without requiring watering or maintenance makes artificial turf the most economical and sustainable alternative to natural grass


A new yard using our turf will give you a beautiful year round look.

Pet Friendly

Artificial grass is non-toxic, so it’s safe for all of your pets.

Low Maintenance

Lower your water bill and free up your weekends with an artificial lawn.

The northeast Orange County suburb of Yorba Linda has seen exponential demand for artificial turf in recent years. Thankfully, Turf Store Express is here to satisfy that demand. Over the years, residential and commercial customers have come to appreciate the inherent benefits of artificial lawns.

These include reduced maintenance costs, safety features, durability, eco-friendliness, and much more. Let’s review these benefits:

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Very Little Maintenance

Artificial grass is an excellent solution for home or business owners who do not have the time to care for their yard consistently. Only a minimal amount of maintenance is necessary to keep it looking beautiful, which saves both money and time on lawn-care services.

No Weeds to Deal With

Weeds can be a pesky problem, but artificial grass is a great solution that eliminates the need to worry about them. Artificial grass is made from synthetic material, so it can repel weed growth and doesn’t require watering or mowing. As a result, you’ll never have to stress about weeds invading your lawn again!

Great Way to Conserve Water

Water has become a precious resource in Southern California due to the devastating drought that has gripped the area. Residents and businesses in the area have been compelled to comply with rigorous water restrictions, making lawn maintenance more complicated and dramatically raising the expense of keeping natural grass lawns. Artificial grass is a much-appreciated alternative that never requires watering. 

Breathtaking Greenery

Artificial grass is the greatest option for a year-round lawn. Regardless of what the weather does, the synthetic turf will resist fading. It will continue to be lush and green. In addition, there are no weeds or mold in the grass, so it will always look its best.

Environmentally Friendly

Artificial turf is ideal for having a beautiful lawn without using any harmful chemicals. By avoiding pesticides and fertilizers, you protect the environment from dangerous toxins.

When you choose synthetic turf, you do not only get rid of the hassle of maintaining a traditional lawn, but you also reduce your carbon emissions by not using fossil-fuel-powered lawn mowing equipment.

Applications of Artificial Grass in Yorba Linda, CA

Turf Store Express is the perfect place to go if you want high-quality synthetic grass for your lawn. Our turf is environmentally friendly and requires minimal maintenance, allowing you to spend your time doing the things you enjoy. A few of the most common uses for our synthetic turf are listed below.

playground surface

Kids’ Playgrounds

Artificial turf has numerous advantages over natural grass when it comes to playgrounds. Synthetic playground turf provides an even surface that is safer for children to play on, making it a much better option than traditional grass. Plus, artificial grass is a cleaner and allergen-free alternative for children.

CA Backyard Putting Green

Golf Putting Greens

It’s common knowledge that natural grass golf courses can be expensive to maintain due to the need for continuous upkeep. Artificial putting greens turf can save golf courses money on pesky maintenance costs and provide golf enthusiasts with a consistently even and durable surface.

playground with artificial turf for kids

Commercial Artificial Grass

Businesses in Yorba Linda, California can immediately impress customers with a great-looking green area. Artificial grass for commercial businesses from Turf Store Express eliminates the hassle of trying to keep your greenery lush and colorful year-round. Our synthetic material provides quality, fade-resistant lawns that consistently maintain their appeal. 

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