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When it comes to transforming outdoor spaces into stunning, low-maintenance havens, Turf Store Express stands out as a go-to supplier of high-quality artificial grass for contractors, landscapers, and others in San Clemente, CA. 

With our extensive range of artificial grass options and a commitment to quality, Turf Store Express can be your trusted partner for all your lawn and landscaping needs. Our products feature many different specializations and styles, helping to ensure we have something for nearly every type of project in San Clemente. Learn more about the benefits and applications for our artificial turf in the area below:


A new yard using our turf will give you a beautiful year round look.

Pet Friendly

Artificial grass is non-toxic, so it’s safe for all of your pets.

Low Maintenance

Lower your water bill and free up your weekends with an artificial lawn.

Applications for Synthetic Grass in San Clemente, CA

At Turf Store Express, we offer several types of synthetic turf that are suited to different applications. Our selection in San Clemente includes:

playground surface

Residential Artificial Grass

Transforming a home’s outdoor space into a beautiful and low-maintenance oasis has never been easier. Turf Store Express offers residential artificial grass options that cater to different aesthetics and requirements. Whether you are looking for a lush lawn, a backyard putting green, or a pet-friendly surface, we have a solution for your project.

Alternate shot of an artificial grass backyard

Pet and Dog Grass

Turf Store Express understands that pets are an integral part of most families. Our artificial pet and dog grass is specially designed to help withstand the demands of active pets while maintaining its appearance. It is easy to clean, durable, and odor-resistant, providing a safer and much more comfortable surface for furry companions to play on.

Labrador sitting on artificial grass and smiling


Safety is a high priority when it comes to playgrounds. Turf Store Express offers top-quality synthetic playground grass that meets safety standards. This artificial turf provides a softer and more cushioned surface that aids in minimizing the risk of injuries from falls, making it an ideal choice for schools, daycare centers, and residential play areas in San Clemente.

Putting Greens

For golf enthusiasts, Turf Store Express offers premium artificial grass solutions for putting greens. Our synthetic putting green turf mimics the feel and performance of conventional grass, allowing golfers to practice their short game on a more consistent surface. It can also help elevate the golf experience while complementing existing landscaping.

Residential backyard putting green

Commercial Artificial Grass

Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of commercial spaces while reducing maintenance costs is crucial for many San Clemente businesses. Turf Store Express offers commercial artificial grass solutions that are ideal for offices, restaurants, retail spaces, and more. Our durable and visually appealing artificial turf creates an inviting environment for customers and clients, all while saving on maintenance expenses.

Benefits of Artificial Grass From Turf Store Express

There are numerous benefits when it comes to choosing our first-rate synthetic grass for your projects in San Clemente, California, including:

Visually Appealing

Artificial grass from Turf Store Express provides a lush, green landscape all year round. Its vibrant colors and realistic texture make it virtually indistinguishable from traditional grass. Whether you are working on a residential lawn, a commercial space, or a playground, the visual appeal of our artificial turf is sure to impress.

Artificial grass patio with a seating area

Low Maintenance

One of the most significant advantages of synthetic turf is its minimal maintenance requirements. Forget about mowing, watering, or fertilizing your lawn! With Turf Store Express, you can enjoy a beautiful green space without the hassle of upkeep, saving you time and money in the long run.


Our artificial turf is built to withstand heavy foot traffic, inclement weather conditions, and the test of time. It maintains its lush appearance, resilience, and functionality, helping to ensure your investment lasts for years.


Artificial grass is an eco-conscious choice. It conserves water resources by eliminating the need for constant irrigation. Additionally, it reduces the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, aiding in contributing to a greener and more sustainable environment.

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