Artificial Grass in Irvine, CA

Turf Store Express is Irvine, California’s top distributor of artificial grass. Our reputation spans over four decades and includes both residential and commercial customers throughout Orange County.


A new yard using our turf will give you a beautiful year round look.

Pet Friendly

Artificial grass is non-toxic, so it’s safe for all of your pets.

Low Maintenance

Lower your water bill and free up your weekends with an artificial lawn.

Our dedication to client satisfaction can be seen in our prompt customer service and rapid shipping. Whether you’re a wholesaler or an individual looking to complete a DIY project, our Tustin, CA showroom has the right product for you. And since we sell our products directly to the end consumer, we are able to extend massive savings by cutting out the middleman. If you’re looking to transition and are wondering whether artificial grass is right for you, our specialists are always available to answer your inquiries.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

In Irvine, California, demand for artificial lawns has skyrocketed. This has come as both commercial and residential customers come to terms with the various advantages of switching to synthetic turf. Let’s discuss these advantages:

It’s Cost-Effective

While natural grass lawns have sufficed quite well in the past, they require massive amounts of water in order to remain immaculate. In California, where droughts and water restrictions are commonplace, this can quickly translate into unsustainable costs.

A better alternative is to install artificial turf that requires no water to maintain. In these uncertain economic times, this is a welcome relief for many families and businesses.

Pet and Kid-Friendly

Artificial grass from Turf Store Express is designed to be kid and pet-friendly. For instance, it is hostile to pests, allergies, and parasites such as mice, fleas, and ticks. As a consequence, your kids, cats, and dogs can play in a safe and allergy-free atmosphere. Furthermore, it is built to endure regular wear and tear.

Most parents or caretakers also have pets. Turf Store Express’ artificial turf is ideal because it is inhospitable to pests, allergens, and parasites such as rodents, fleas, and ticks. As a result, your children, pets, and dogs can finally run and play in a healthy environment.


Installing synthetic turf is a great way to conserve the environment. Our turf does not require fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, all of which have been linked to environmental degradation.

And, because lawn equipment is rarely used, switching to our synthetic turf eliminates hazardous carbon emissions and other environmental pollutants.

Low Maintenance

Installing artificial turf reduces overall maintenance expenses that come with traditional lawns. Take for instance, the cost of lawn mowers and their accessories. What can we say about mulch, chemical additives, and the landscaping labor that comes with keeping a traditional lawn looking presentable.

Furthermore, in master-planned cities like Irvine, local housing authorities demand that lawns be kept pristine. Artificial turf meets these requirements and totally eliminates the tedious and time-consuming maintenance chores associated with regular grass.

Orange County putting green installation

Uses of our artificial Turf

Artificial Grass for Lawns

Ready to make a transition from natural grass to artificial turf? Our team is on standby to assist you in choosing the right artificial turf for your next project. Over the years, we have established an enviable track record of excellence and quality.

Furthermore, all of our goods are produced in the United States from materials acquired locally.

Putting Greens

Whether you’re looking for artificial putting greens to improve your short game, a miniature golf course for family fun in your backyard, or even a commercial golf course, we provide a variety of artificial putting greens turf to fit your unique requirements.


When it comes to playgrounds, the two most important factors to consider are safety and upkeep. Fortunately, our playground turf is made with additional layers of cushion that absorb impact. This prevents kids from sustaining injuries when they fall.

Even better, our turf does not require frequent mowing, watering, or chemical additions.

Commercial Artificial Turf

Our commercial artificial grass products have proven to be a wise investment for businesses. Need to enhance the appearance of your storefront? Install our high-quality artificial turf. It looks amazing and is built to withstand extreme temperatures and heavy foot traffic.

Roof, Decks & Patios

In Irvine, the demand for artificial turf for roofs, decks and patios has surged in recent years.

Need to reclaim your rooftop, deck or patio? Try installing synthetic grass. It exudes luxury and provides a great atmosphere for outdoor gatherings with friends, and family.

If you own a business or a restaurant and want to offer rooftop seating or even live music, artificial grass is exactly what you need.

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