Artificial Grass & Synthetic Turf in Fullerton, CA

At Turf Store Express, we supply communities in California with factory-direct artificial grass and synthetic turf products, including in beautiful Fullerton, CA.


A new yard using our turf will give you a beautiful year round look.

Pet Friendly

Artificial grass is non-toxic so it’s safe for all of your pets.

Low Maintenance

Lower your water bill and free up your weekends with an artificial lawn.

Our high-quality artificial turf products come in many specialized variations. But, no matter which one you choose for your project, they are all beautifully green, low maintenance, durable, and drought-tolerant. These factors often make our synthetic grass products a popular choice for the customers of installers, such as contractors and landscaping companies, as well as resellers.

Fullerton, California and the Need for Artificial Surfacing

Fullerton, CA is one of the many wonderful cities in Orange County that we serve. Like other California communities, Fullerton is home to idyllic weather, beautiful nature, and multiple higher education institutions. But with tightening water restrictions in Southern California, homes and businesses in Fullerton are turning toward artificial turf for lawns and landscaping. 

At Turf Store Express, we offer quality synthetic grass for lawns, landscaping, and more. Our products can not only help Fullerton homes and businesses save water, but they can blend into the picturesque, natural beauty of the community. As a result, no property in Fullerton, CA needs to sacrifice an ideal appearance for more environmentally friendly surfacing. 

Artificial turf cut around a series of cement squares

Benefits of Artificial Grass Surfaces

Artificial grass surfacing can provide homes, businesses, municipal buildings, parks, and more in Fullerton, CA with considerable benefits. Some of these many benefits include:

playground surface

Pristine, Green Lawns & Landscaping

With synthetic grass, lawns and landscaping on nearly any property will always look their best. Our artificial material resists fading and never becomes overgrown or dies off. As such, our many artificial grass products provide consistent, green appeal throughout their significant lifespan. 

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Little Maintenance 

When compared to traditional grass, our synthetic turf requires far less maintenance. Conventional lawns and landscaping require large sums of water, trimming with multiple devices, and even chemical treatment to ensure their beauty. Our artificial grass, on the other hand, requires none of this upkeep. It maintains a consistent appearance, so property owners never really need to worry about it. 

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Remarkable Resilience 

At Turf Store Express, we design and manufacture our artificial turf products to be remarkably resilient. Our products resist various forms of wear and tear, such as lawn games, sports, foot traffic, and even the California weather. As a result, our synthetic grass fibers are less likely to shed or become flattened throughout their long life. 

Water Conservation

Conserving water is a primary concern for Californians in Fullerton and beyond. With frequent droughts, homes, businesses, and other properties in the state need to adjust their water usage. Fortunately, one of the best ways to save water is by installing artificial grass. Our synthetic grass never needs to be watered. It retains a lush, green look and realistic texture without water. This helps Fullerton, CA properties conserve this precious resource and save money.  

Why Choose Turf Store Express?

At Turf Store Express, we work with contractors, landscapers, installers, and resellers all around Orange County, CA, including Fullerton. We supply these businesses with top-quality artificial turf products. By partnering with us, our clients gain access to our warehouse and showroom that is fully stocked with synthetic turf from our factory. Our clients also receive fast shipping and artificial turf that is cut to their orders. Together, we can help homes, businesses, and more in Fullerton, CA make the switch to environmentally friendly artificial lawns and landscaping.

Artificial turf cut around a series of cement squares

Our Selection of Factory Direct Synthetic Turf

Turf Store Express manufactures and supplies multiple types of synthetic turf, including a number of specialized options. Our specialized artificial grass products help address the needs of specific populations and uses. Many of which can be found in Fullerton, California.

Our options for artificial turf include:

Whether for a home, business, pet park, playground, or golf facility, we have an artificial surfacing solution to fit nearly any need!

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