Artificial Grass is Safe for Pets & Kids

Artificial grass is now a safer alternative to sod for kids and pets, thanks to technological advancements. If your kids love spending time outdoors playing with their pets, then they will love the ultra-soft feel of our synthetic grass. In addition to the safety features, the turf’s layers provide a gentle cushion that protects both kids and pets against injury during playtime. For the ideal synthetic turf for pets and kids, customers turn to Turf Store Express.

Headquartered in Tustin, California, Turf Store Express has distinguished itself as a notable supplier of high-end artificial turf for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether it’s backyard lawns, playground turf, pet turf, or even putting greens, our team will ensure you have exactly what you need for your next turf project.

We strive to exceed all your expectations when it comes to kids and pet turf. Our turf is supremely immaculate, ultra-realistic, and well-cushioned to provide the level of comfort that is only available with the most luxurious synthetic brands. Below are some of the reasons why our artificial turf meets and exceeds the highest standards of safety for kids, pets, and families.

Child playing with playground equipment on artificial grass

Amazing Safety Features for Kids

Our artificial playground turf is constructed using polypropylene components. This gives it an ultra-naturalistic feel and texture. It also explains why our turf has become a common feature at numerous parks, playgrounds, daycare centers, and schools. The fibers are strong and durable without compromising comfort. This guarantees many years of use even with the heaviest traffic.

It is indisputable that safety is always the primary concern when children are playing in the yard. Unfortunately, natural grass can pose a risk to kids’ safety. For example, it tends to develop divots, which can be a tripping hazard. It is also prone to parasites, fleas, and allergies. This can cause allergic reactions in both children and pets.

On the other hand, artificial turf provides an incredibly even surface and is resistant to bugs, fleas, and other contaminants. As a result, it provides a healthier and safer environment for children to play in.

Similarly, it is normal for children to trip and fall during playtime. Fortunately, our synthetic turf has a multi-layered structure that acts as a protective cushion against serious injury. This makes it an appealing option for parents with children.

Dog sitting on synthetic grass

Pet-friendly Qualities

Regarding our beloved furry friends, natural grass comes with certain limitations. For instance, it drains slowly, meaning it will form pools after a rainstorm. This makes natural grass essentially unusable until it either evaporates or drains off. Dogs playing in the natural grass after rain can track annoying mud prints into the home. Similarly, due to its slow drainage features, natural grass collects pet urine, leading to odors.

Synthetic pet turf comes with excellent drainage features. When it rains, the water drains quickly, allowing the turf to be used almost immediately. The same is true for pet urine, which drains away and helps to eliminate pet odors.

Finally, synthetic turf is more difficult for dogs to dig through, unlike natural grass. This is frequently a problem with natural grass, as dogs and cats can tunnel through it and escape into the street.

Artificial Grass being used in a playground

Easy to Clean

We’ve already mentioned how well artificial grass drains. This keeps liquids from pooling if they are spilled on it. Furthermore, synthetic turf is simple to maintain. Any dirt can be easily removed by occasionally rinsing with a water hose. Any particles or debris can be swept with a rake or regular leaf blower.

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With decades of experience under our belt, we are confident in the level of quality and excellence that we can provide you. Our turf is visually appealing, durable, safe, and reasonably priced. If you have children and pets, this is an excellent investment. To place an order, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our experienced team as soon as possible.