Artificial Playground Turf for Schools

Factory-direct artificial playground turf from Turf Store Express is available for schools across the many communities in Orange County, CA. Schools are among the most essential elements of American society. They are the place where children go to learn, socialize, and even play. However, not all school playgrounds are as safe as they may seem. Many school playgrounds and play areas rely on materials like traditional grass, sand, and wood chips for their surfacing. Sadly, these surfaces can often be unsafe for children, especially when compared to the quality synthetic playground turf we offer at Turf Store Express.

What is Artificial Playground Turf?

At Turf Store Express, our playground turf is a specially designed synthetic turf product that addresses the needs of children at play on playgrounds. In doing so, our artificial playground turf helps provide a more ideal surface for playgrounds and other play areas – whether utilized for residential properties, commercial businesses, or schools. By using our artificial playground grass, schools can help make indoor or outdoor playgrounds safer for children.

kids playing soccer on playground grass

Advantages of Our Synthetic Playground Grass

Schools in Orange County, California can greatly benefit from our synthetic playground grass. Some of the many advantages of using our artificial playground turf for school playgrounds and play areas include:


Unlike traditional grass, sand, and wood chips, our artificial playground grass is soft to the touch and cushioned. This is because we manufacture our playground turf with multiple layers. As a result, it has the extra padding necessary to help absorb impacts with playground surfaces. So if a child trips, falls, or tumbles on our cushioned playground turf, they are less likely to experience a potential injury, which is an advantage schools, teachers, and parents can appreciate.


Another advantage that makes artificial playground turf from Turf Store Express ideal for schools is its inherent durability. Often, surfaces like sand, wood chips, and standard grass will fail under the wear and tear of children, especially when walked over nearly every day. But with our playground grass, this is not an issue. Its synthetic nature allows it to withstand multiple kinds of wear and tear, such as walking or running feet, moving playground equipment, and even the weather in Orange County, CA. This makes our synthetic playground turf a long-lasting surface for schools.

Child playing with playground equipment

Little Maintenance

Many common playground surfaces will require nearly constant upkeep. For example, sand and wood chips both need to be replenished and redistributed throughout a play area, while traditional grass needs watering, trimming, and more. These maintenance activities not only take up significant time, but they can also be costly. Fortunately, schools in Orange County, CA can save time and money with our low-maintenance playground grass that never needs to be watered or trimmed.

No Grass Stains, Allergens, or Mud

Artificial playground turf is a cleaner and healthier surfacing alternative for schools. Due to its synthetic build, our synthetic playground grass will never cause grass stains on clothing or create muddy puddles for children to play in after a rainstorm. This helps keep children cleaner during recess, which helps keep schools cleaner.

Our synthetic playground turf also does not produce traditional grass allergens. This makes it a more accessible surface for play while at school, especially for children with grass allergies.

playground with artificial turf for kids

Why Choose Turf Store Express for Artificial Turf for Schools?

At Turf Store Express, we have been designing, manufacturing, and supplying various types of properties with artificial grass products at wholesale prices for over 40 years. We are a leading supplier of synthetic turf in communities across Orange County, California, including Anaheim, Irvine, Yorba Linda, Newport Beach, and so many more. We have built a favorable reputation in these communities by offering friendly customer service and factory-direct pricing on our exceptional artificial turf products. You can change your school’s playground for the better by switching to our wholesale artificial playground grass.

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Synthetic playground turf from Turf Store Express is a safer, more cost-effective surface for schools in Orange County, California. Its extra cushioning and durability – along with a lack of maintenance required in ownership – make it a gentle and long-lasting surfacing solution for playing children.

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