Help the Planet by Switching to Artificial Grass

In Orange County, California as well as the rest of the Earth, sustainable solutions – like artificial grass from Turf Store Express – are needed to address environmental concerns. Sadly, our planet suffers from a lack of clean, drinkable water, an excess of carbon emissions, and poisoned soil from chemicals in fertilizers and pesticides. Surprisingly, one space that contributes to these environmental issues is one of the greenest parts of most residential and commercial properties: living grass.

Despite their green appearance, traditional grass lawns and landscaping actually do the planet more harm than good. Thankfully, at Turf Store Express, our artificial grass can help eliminate many of these harmful activities without forcing homes and businesses to sacrifice their inviting green spaces and surfaces. So help the planet by making the switch to our quality artificial grass.

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Artificial Grass Conserves Water

One of the most significant issues with traditional sod lawns and landscaping is their water consumption. To stay lush and green, these surfaces require gallons upon gallons of water, which for some lawns can add up to Olympic swimming pools’ worth of water over the course of a few months or a year. This issue is particularly problematic in places, such as the South Western United States of America, where clean water is scarce and droughts are frequent.

Fortunately, artificial grass from Turf Store Express can help address the need to conserve water, especially in areas that often experience droughts like Orange County, CA. This is because none of our synthetic turf products are alive or grow, so they do not need water to flourish. Instead, they maintain a perfectly lush, green, manicured look throughout their considerable lifespan without a need to waste any water. So by switching to artificial grass lawns and landscaping, home and business owners can help the planet by saving water.

Synthetic Turf Eliminates the Need for Mowers

Lawn mowers are an essential tool for owners of living grass. These machines are what keep traditional grass surfaces from becoming overgrown and unsightly. However, most of them run on fossil fuels, which emit carbon gas into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the presence of gasses in the atmosphere like these contributes to the overall warming effect happening to our planet.

Thankfully, our artificial grass and synthetic turf products remove the need for lawn mowers of any kind. Our synthetic grass never grows or becomes overgrown. Instead, it retains a perfectly trimmed appearance, eliminating the need for mowers. As a result, owning an artificial grass lawn or synthetic turf landscaping can help reduce carbon emissions, which can help heal the Earth.

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Artificial Grass Does Not Require Chemicals

Another issue with living grass comes from the chemicals used on it by homeowners, business owners, landscapers, groundskeepers, and more. Chemicals from fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides often seep into the soil beneath traditional grass and poison the ground. This can have a number of unintended and unwanted consequences. In some situations, it can actually poison groundwater, leading to even further complications and consequences.

Fortunately, artificial grass from Turf Store Express eliminates the need for such chemicals to be used. First, our synthetic turf never needs to be fertilized in order to grow, and second, it never needs to be sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. This is because the infill underneath and backing of our artificial turf prevent weeds and fungus from growing through it. In addition, our turf is inhospitable to insects and other pests, so they are less likely to make our artificial grass their home.

By eliminating the need for chemicals in fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides to be used, our synthetic grass helps prevent our planet from being unintentionally poisoned.

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