Save Money with Commercial Artificial Grass

Saving money on landscaping is possible for your Orange County, California business with commercial artificial grass from Turf Store Express. Our factory-direct commercial synthetic turf is incredibly durable and low maintenance. These factors make it a cost-effective investment for lawns and landscaping in and around office parks, retail stores, warehouses, and many other types of commercial properties. By utilizing commercial artificial turf from Turf Store Express, you can immediately begin saving on typical landscaping costs and likely receive a full return on your investment over time.

Less Upkeep Than Traditional, Living Grass

One of the most significant ways that our commercial artificial grass can help your business save money is by eliminating many of the common needs and activities that natural lawns and landscaping require. Traditional, living grass is an incredibly demanding element to have on your commercial property. To make matters worse, it is also wildly inconsistent and susceptible to developing holes, divots, brown patches, or dying off entirely, leaving behind nothing but an undesirable brown patch of earth.

Thankfully, commercial artificial turf from us at Turf Store Express does not suffer from these same needs and issues. Our synthetic grass never needs to be trimmed with a lawn mower or any other device. It also never needs to be deweeded, fertilized, seeded, or chemically treated in any way. By eliminating these maintenance activities, our commercial artificial grass can, in turn, eliminate the need for time-consuming lawn maintenance by landscapers or groundskeepers, helping to save your business money.

Conserve Water with Synthetic Surfacing

Another costly need natural grass has is watering. For many commercial businesses in Orange County, CA and other parts of California, the cost of watering traditional grass lawns and landscaping can often be overwhelming, especially given the ongoing concerns surrounding frequent droughts in the state. Fortunately, wasting water like this can be avoided without sacrificing the visual appeal of natural grass thanks to the commercial synthetic grass from us at Turf Store Express.

Our factory-priced commercial artificial turf mimics the appearance and texture of living grass without a need for water to stay alive. By utilizing our turf and cutting costs on watering traditional sod, businesses can not only help conserve California’s water supply but also save money.

Exterior of house with artificial turf and palm trees

Highly Durable Commercial Artificial Turf

Our quality commercial synthetic grass does not just help businesses save money by eliminating maintenance activities and expenses; it also helps them save money by being highly durable. Unlike natural grass and many other forms of outdoor landscaping, our commercial artificial turf resists several factors, including high amounts of foot traffic, ordinary wear and tear from enjoying grassy areas, and the weather.

By withstanding these elements, our commercial artificial grass lasts longer and remains more consistent than living grass. In doing so, it can stay a part of your commercial property for years to come while ultimately providing the lush, soft, and green space your business needs to impress customers, clients, employees, and more.

Why Choose Turf Store Express for Commercial Artificial Grass?

At Turf Store Express, we offer some of the best factory-direct artificial landscaping solutions for homes and businesses in Orange County, California. All of our synthetic turf products are durable and low maintenance, which helps our customers save money over time. Yet, our artificial grass is for more than just saving money and conserving water. It also looks remarkably natural, making it a stunning addition to nearly any Southern California property. Choose us at Turf Store Express not only for our quality, factory-priced artificial grass but also for our turf expertise and exceptional customer service.

Schedule a Free Commercial Synthetic Turf Consultation!

Commercial artificial grass from Turf Store Express helps businesses in Orange County, CA and more save money on watering and landscaping costs. Plus, with our commercial synthetic turf’s incredible durability, it can remain a part of your property for years while looking its best. Contact us today to learn more by setting up a free commercial synthetic grass consultation!