Tax Rebates for Artificial Grass in Orange County, CA

One of the reasons many home and business owners in Orange County, CA install artificial grass is because there are at times tax cuts and rebates for doing so. Since artificial turf doesn’t require watering, certain cities and states such as Orange County, California have chosen in the past to offer tax breaks for those who take advantage of an artificial grass lawn’s low-maintenance qualities.

While there are currently no tax rebates for artificial grass in Orange County, CA, there have been in the past, and there may be in the future. However, now is as good a time as ever to transform your home or business with synthetic turf from Turf Store Express. There will potentially be financial rewards, such as saving on your water bill, in the future, and there are a slew of other benefits that our clients already love.

Despite Orange County, CA having no current tax rebates for artificial grass customers, Turf Store Express clients are happy with their turf products thanks to all of the additional benefits gained from saying goodbye to traditional sod landscaping.

Other Benefits of Having Artificial Grass in Orange County, CA

Save Water & Money On Your Bill

By switching from traditional grass to synthetic grass from Turf Store Express, you will save loads of money on your water bill. California is in a remarkable drought, so conserving water is a benefit in itself. But furthermore, the financial savings is also a noteworthy benefit of installing artificial grass from Turf Store Express.

Save Money on Maintenance

Piggy-backing on water savings, making the switch to artificial grass eliminates the need for landscapers or expensive maintenance tools. Forget the lawnmower and fertilizer – artificial grass basically takes care of itself! Turf Store Express’ artificial grass solutions and synthetic lawn products need very little maintenance and upkeep.


Since California is experiencing a severe drought, the eco-friendly qualities of artificial turf really matter. We mentioned water conservation, but having turf also reduces or eliminates the need for tools that emit fuel and toxins into the ozone. By saving water and not using gasoline-powered machinery that is used to maintain standard landscape, you become a better friend to the environment.

Versatile & Functional

Artificial grass is highly versatile and functional for various venues and purposes. Popular uses of artificial turf from Turf Store Express in Orange County, CA include:

If you have a need for artificial turf, we can make it happen. The possibilities are endless, and even if you aren’t getting a tax rebate in Orange County, you’re still able to enjoy everything our turf has such as the low-maintenance qualities, versatility, and durability.

Year-Round Pristine Look

Home and business owners want artificial grass from Turf Store Express because it’s pristine and inviting. Despite inclement weather and UV rays, your synthetic lawn will look bright, green, and flawless all year round. Of course Orange County, CA has desirable weather, but turf still gives you a perfect lawn, golf course, or dog park no matter the time of year.

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Although there aren’t any current tax rebates for synthetic turf in Orange County, CA, Turf Store Express products boast countless benefits that are worth reviewing. It’s kid and pet-friendly, it saves you money, it’s better for the environment, and you’ll have a durable lawn that doesn’t need maintenance. To get started on your artificial grass project, contact us for a free consultation.